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wholly shit.

Ok, so I’ve had this site for about 8 years now. I’ve rebuilt it from a self promotion device to a site where I started doing interviews with some of my favorite drummers.

I started off doing video interviews and realized quickly that I had zero video editing skills and things quickly log jammed.

I updated the wordpress backend and lost the whole site. rebuilt it again but got overloaded with bullshit that I didn’t know how to fix.

Yesterday I started from scratch and rebuilt it again. As of this moment I am about 75% done and I am more happy and optimistic about it than I have ever been in the entire time I’ve owned it.

I’m a drummer, not a web builder, but as of right now I feel pretty good about being a guy who has a cool looking blog.

Once I finish fixing all the other sucky things about past posts which go over into the borders and other shit I’m going to start with a bunch of articles I’ve been meaning to write.

I’ll review the Band Of Horses show I saw last weekend. The new Redd Kross record and a bunch of other stuff I think is cool.

So, just mark this down as the point where this site re-started and is now pretty cool.

Author: Ian

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