Drums and Reading Glasses

I just watched this new HBO documentary on surfing called Generation Momentum

Super great doc. Still digesting the implications.

As I’ve just started writing articles without any real update on whats happened in my life since the last chapter in the evolution of this website, I’d like to start filling some of that in.

Over the past 4 years I’ve built a pretty great business.

Towards the middle of about 2013 (I think) I started feeling kind of basically old. I started wearing reading glasses. And as simple and insignificant as that may seem, it sort of set things in motion.

It was the first time in my life where I actually started to realize that our bodies DO age. I had basically completely ignored this idea up to this point. But it was kind of unavoidable.I couldn’t read things. For a few months I was sure I had a tumor.

Not sure if it was better or worse to just settle into the fact that I was getting older and needed readers.

So this started me thinking and kind of worrying about the future. Probably for the first time in my life. Like, how was I going to survive if i eventually got to crusty to work.

I’ve always been a hard working guy. Pretty much to the point where most people think I’m totally crazy with how many things i juggle. But things had never fully clicked and here I was playing drums in a moderately successful band and all of a sudden I had to start with these reading glasses.

Long story short. (I’ll continue to fill in gaps in the story) I had the idea to buy a tour bus. This way, the touring costs of the band would stay in house. Or more specifically, I would lease the bus to the band and keep those costs in my pocket. Id charge the band a discount rate, so it’d be a win/win for both of us. Also, when we weren’t touring, I could take other bands out on tour in the bus.

Thats the basic sketch.

The reason for this was to start to build a future for myself and my love. Something beyond wearing a wig and playing in a Led Zeppelin tribute band. As fun as that was, I felt the end of that chapter was on the horizon for me. It was hugely rewarding and fun. But i felt the end was near for me, so I set in motion this next chapter.

Now that chapter is in full swing. I have 5 buses and have been touring non stop for the past 4 years. like 365 days a year. NON stop.

I have made amazing friends. Toured with some of my favorite bands. Become friends with some of the people I respect most in the whole world. An incredible quantity of experience in these past few years. But, this little website had taken a back seat and theres some kind of loss to that for me.

So I’m picking it up. And all because I had to wear reading glasses.


Author: Ian

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