Today On Tour. Fan Clutchs and Friends

Since my last entry into, a lot has changed.
I started a tour bus /tour support company. It has completely consumed my every waking moment. The business has expanded super fast and has given me a massive pile of inspiration to write from.
To simplify, for the purpose of just getting back into it. I drive bands around in a big tour bus. I have 5 buses, which means 5 guys plus who drive for me.
Over the past few days I had a fan clutch go bad.
Remember, I’m still basically a drummer.
Rule one of touring is always GET TO THE SHOW. or Make the show happen.
Long story short. It took me 10 hours in the engine bay of the bus to pull out the old fan clutch. This began as soon as i parked after driving 7 hours through the night to Madison Wisconsin. It was about 20 degrees out.
After spending $500 to have the $1400 new fan clutch overnighted to my hotel, I spent another 9 hours putting this new one in.
Slept of 6 hours and drove another 7 hours to Detroit, where I now sit writing this.
The juice of the story however is the fights I had with my friends and loved ones while all of this was going on.
We have this situation where we have the potential for instant communication with everyone in our lives.
My wife is on a different tour and she was texting me for a play by play.
My best friend lives in the bay area and we got in a girlfriend type of fight because I wasn’t really engaged in our conversation.
Today, on the other side, It really hits me that the pace of these things is way out of whack.
Instant communication is a blessing and also a huge curse. But a curse, because its out of synch with the actual pace of life.
For 19 hours, literally every second of my life was completely consumed with the logistics of swapping out a fan clutch. Something I had never done before. 2 Ubers to Harbor Freight to get tools I kind of figured I needed. I couldn’t get this bolt off. I stripped 3 of the bolt. I had to cut them off with an angle grinder. There was no room to fit an angle grinder in between the fan and the radiator. On and on, in my mind non stop for 19 hours.
All the while, I have no room to bail out. Blow it off. Take a step back. Relax, it’ll work out fine. None of that. If i don’t do it. The tour is over. Because of me.
Again, the whole while, I’d rather be talking to my friends and loved ones about our plans for the upcoming holidays etc. So I was grumpy. Or I came across grumpy. But really I was all consumed.
This is a whole new subject. I think
If theres such a thing as ADD (which Im not sold on) shouldn’t there be a parallel study called Attention Capacity? Like how much can you juggle?
Whats weird is that if this drops below a certain level for me, I’m WAAAAAAYYY more grumpy.
Optimum Attention Ranom Shit Study.

Author: Ian

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