Can you believe I had the nerve to put up a website where I proclaimed myself the best drummer in the world?

Originally I put up the site to get gigs. As time went on the site stayed high in the Google search engine and I decided to change the site into a magazine. And it’s gone through many changes over the years.

I was lucky enough to find a great partner who is amazing at design and SEO and who plays drums and shares the same passion for music.

And that’s what the site is about. Music, from behind the drum seat. We believe in drums and drumming. We know what it’s like to lock yourself in a room with a kit and play until your problems go away.

We know also what it’s like to get up in front of a thousand people and blow the doors off the place.

This site is not about paradiddles and flam taps.

It’s about a special breed of person who can influence the course of time. A drummer is one who controls time.

Our purpose is twofold.1 To provide an outlet for drummers to express the human side of the art form.
And 2. To inspire the future generations of drummers to aim to be the best they can be.

It has been said that a great drummer serves the song. We are here to serve the drumming community and to promote to the world at large the power of what drumming can give to us.


While our site currently comes up on page one of Google search for the best drummer in the world and several other search terms there is another fact we are proud of.

If you were to search any of our drummers we continue on a weekly basis, our site comes up within the first 3 results in Google.

Now, we search out drummers we love to interview. And we love a ton of drummers.

Our mission is to develop this site into the definitive landing spot for drummers and people who seek to get the real story of these musicians lives. In this, we work very hard to promote the drummers who give us the  honor of telling us their stories.

To carry out our purpose we are interested in talking to you about how your product or service can fit into what we’re trying to do here.

And there’s nothing cooler than hanging out with drummers.

For advertising inquiries, please contact us.