Show Review:Tapes ‘N Tapes @ Lincoln Hall, 7/22/10

Tapes ‘N Tapes drummer Jeremy Hanson played an excellent set last week at Lincoln Hall.  A lot of linear grooves, surprising odd-meters, and creative percussion.  His kit sounded great.  Best of all, he and the bass player were of one mind, locked-in.  I get the vibe that these guys inspire each other.  Like, they play just as hard when they’re jamming in the garage as when they’re playing to a packed theater.  I’d heard their records, and enjoyed them well-enough.  But seeing them live took my appreciation for them to the next level.  The song I recorded, “Manitoba,” was towards the end of the set – I wish I would have caught some other ones, but the audio here is pretty good.  It’s just a taste for you.  Hope you enjoy it, and keep an eye out for them coming back through Chicago later in the fall.

Author: Ian

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