Outside Outside Lands

Today I set up outside Outside Lands 2012 in Golden Gate Park SF.

Played for 2 hours, made 18 bucks.

I think its kind of a funny thing to have TheBEstDrummerInTHeWORld on my kick drum. Honestly, for the most part, the people walking by, heading to a major rock festival ignore you. I hate to say “kids these days” because I hate to sound or BE old. But, kids today are in their own world. I’m sure I was.

I know many of the bands on the Outside Lands roster, but I don’t really know who many of the drummers on the bill. I could have been any of them. I would recognize Lars from Metallica, Dave Grohl or Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters, but thats about it. Fitz and The Tantrums drummer is great, but I couldn’t pick him (or maybe its a her) out of a crowd.

At a certain point, a hipster dude with shades and a captains hat asked if he could sit down and play. I let him and he could play. He quickly had about 6 people around banging on the drums with him. Maybe he was the popular guy in the neighborhood, maybe the captains hat signaled a certain level of cool that I don’t quite grasp. But he gathered a crowd with arguably less drumming skills than I.

It’s just a funny part of the study to see the responses people have to ME and to “some guy playing drums in the street” They seem to be two different studies.

Maybe I need to dress like a stereotypical rockstar. Leather pants street drummer?

Author: Ian

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