Interview: Tim Fogarty of El Ten Eleven

The propulsive rhythms and postive vibes of El Ten Eleven make for a great experience, live or recorded. They recently swung through Chicago, playing Lincoln Hall. Tim Fogarty played a great show. Perhaps not as memorable as the last time they played Chicago, but how can you top a street festival concert caught in a torrential downpour?

El Ten Eleven songs are chock-full of ear candy – in Tim Fogarty’s drums, gritty electronic triggers mix with massive drum sounds. You can also get your ear canals tangled in Kristian Dunn’s web of interlocking guitar and bass loops, all built up live.

Armed with an array of pedals and noisemakers, An El Ten Eleven show really gets bodies moving. Even if you’re not the “moving” type. You’ll at least sway, guaranteed. The effect is hypnotic.

The best part is that this huge sound is built up quite organically by just two guys. Tim Fogarty is the piston that charges the chugging 2-stroke engine that is El Ten Eleven.

Author: Paul

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