Interview: Ira Elliot of Nada Surf

Although Ira Elliot has probably heard it a million times, my story of my Nada Surf obsession is not a new story. My obsession with Nada Surf was sparked by Weezer. Ric Ocasek of the Cars who produced the first Weezer record which sounded amazing. (The fact that he messed with Guided By Voices we shall leave to another post)
Around that time he also produced a record by a New York band called Nada Surf. They had a moderate hit with the song “Popular” and then were lost in major label confusion land. Ira Elliot, Matthew Caws and Daniel Lorca held fast and carried on.
They “resurfaced” a few years ago on the hipster radar and a friend of mine turned me onto the “new” Nada Surf and I was blown away. Absolutely great songs.
The truth is there was nothing new about the band except they just kept on doing what they do and persisted and the beauty is that they really have come out on top.
They really seem to have found a smooth stride in phase 2 of a career where most bands don’t get a shot at a phase 2.
This is a video for the song Weightless off their latest album Lucky. The band held a contest where fans could make the official video for the song. This video was a runner up, but I thought it encompassed the aesthetic of a great song.

Come on, skydiving? That pretty much rules.

Ira Elliot is trully a music fan and drum junkie. He loves talking drums and drumming and he used the term “Ringo School” which I’ve used, but he made it sound official. So I’m using it now all the time.

TheBestDrummerInTheWorld interviews Ira Elliot, drummer of  Nada Surf

Author: Ian

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