Interview: Creighton Barrett of Band of Horses

If I start this article by saying Band of Horses are singlehandedly saving music you might think I’m a paid spokesperson for the band. Aren’t we all so jaded. I guess I was pretty jaded until I fell in love with this band.

Then again the world is filled with spokespersons for all kinds of crap. Creighton Barret is not. He’s a regular guy and a great drummer. And he’s in a great band. And he’s lucky and happy and he’s getting married. He kicks ass. If I told you he was a punk rock/metal guy, would you believe me? Check the video interview. Part 1 here.

I usually get to ask my victims what qualities make the best drummer in the world. Instead I’m just going to justify my opening statement about Band of Horses. This will then prove once and for all that Creighton Barrett IS the best drummer in the world.

Basically, I think the latest Band of Horses record Infinite Arms is a perfect record. THE perfect record (or fuckin download or whatever you refer to music formats as these days)

I also notice that almost all “professional Media” guys talk about a band like its some kind of story. You may know that Band of Horses were on Sub Pop and their contract was up. They hadn’t decided who they wanted to put out ¬†their next record so they toured and put the money from touring back into funding the recording of their record themselves.

So, since corporate rock is out this season, we have the fact that Infinite Arms was recorded without “The Man” breathing down their neck. Check.

I wonder if it’s necessary to compare a band to another band in order to communicate what their music is like or swhat it does to you. I think the mass media and MTV have grooved this concept in so well that it happens on a subconscious level. Lady GaGa is somehow related to Amy Winehouse who was the 2006 version of the 2004 Britney Spears meltdown and it all melts together in a neverending stream of force fed crap.

To say Infinite Arms is like a The Band record is not only bad grammar, it sells us all short by inviting the comparison of one piece of art to another. I told Creighton that the album is a religious experience. I’m serious.
Here’s part 2.

Author: Ian

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