Interview: Bun E Carlos of Cheap Trick


The Best Drummer In The World on Bun E. Carlos

Ian Lee loves Bun E Carlos

Ian Lee loves Bun E Carlos


One of the first records I ever paid my own money for was Cheap Trick “At Budokan. I still listen to it whenever I want to remember why I started playing music.

The excitement of the crowd, the best songs, and the interplay between the band, heaven! (Tonight)

A few years ago I was in a Chicago band called Woolworthy, and we loved Cheap Trick. One day we jammed this song that was a total Cheap Trick hit. The singer, Rudy came up with a lyric, and the song was christened “The Spirit of Bun E”

When we finished the CD, Sweet Second Place, Bun E was DJ’ing at Lounge AX and Rudy and I went down to give Bun a copy of the CD. We told him about “The Spirit of Bun E.” and I admitted to him that I stole every lick he ever played to complete the song.

He took it home and listened to it. A few months later Rudy and I ran into Bun E. at a Guided By Voices after show party and he said that the band loved the song and they thought it was the best Cheap Trick tribute song that anyone had done.

Needless to say Rudy and I were floored.

 A few weeks ago I ran into Bun E. and he agreed to do an interview for

Bun E. Carlos Interview:

TheBestDrummerInTheWorld (TBDITW): “First of all can you give us the latest on what’s happening in the land of Cheap Trick.”

Bun E.: “We’re touring all summer.”

TBDITW: “Besides Ian, who do you consider are the best drummers in the world?”

Bun E.: “My mom’s a pretty good drummer.”


Bun E.: “Because she’s my mom.”

TBDITW: “Oh, right”

TBDITW: “What qualities do you feel make a drummer a great drummer?”

Bun E.: “A great drummer doesn’t make mistakes”

TBDITW: “I made one mistake, once”

TBDITW: “As one of the few drummers who have made consistently great music over a long career, what do you feel is the most important factor in playing with other musicians?”

Bun E.: “Less is more. Serve the song.”

TBDITW: “ I knew that’s what you’d say, ‘cause that’s what you DO!”

TBDITW: “If I were to die tomorrow, what drummers around do you feel could replace me as the best?

Bun E.: “My mother, or, myself, if the pay was good.

TBDITW: “The pay sucks, I’m under appreciated”

Thanks for playing along, Bun E.

As a note I also gave Bun a copy of the latest CD from Textbook (my current band) and he said this, I swear.

“PS, Ian, I like your band, you guys are good. – BC” TBDITW says WOW!!!

 See Cheap Trick on tour this summer.

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