Interview: Brian St Clair of Local H

I’m going to cut to the chase on this one.

Local H drummer Brian St Clair is one of the best drummers alive.

The first week I moved to Chicago in, I think 92, I saw a great gig every night that first week.

I saw, Overwhelming Colorfast, Redd Kross, Guided By Voices at Lollapalooza, and a local band that had a huge influence on me. They were Triple Fast Action. And Brian St Clair was their drummer.

Over the next several years I saw every Chicago show they did and was 100% blown away every time. Amazing songs , great front man (Wes Kidd who went on to manage Local H) and a total rock god drummer in Brian St Clair.

They made 2 amazing records you can hunt down and buy. When the band faded away, Brian took over the drum spot in Local H. Really the only logical choice because….they’re a TWO piece!!!!!!!

Cool before White Stripes and Black Keys. Local H bring the full rock

Local H drummer Brian St Clair took time to site down with at the beginning of the 12 Angry Months tour.
Being a drummer myself, I am not the best interviewer nor am I an editing genius, so bare with me.

Author: Ian

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