Interview: Brandon Young of Delta Spirit

One of the best things about this TheBestDrummerInTheWorld gig is that I get to meet bands I don’t know shit about.Prior to tonight, all I knew about Delta Spirit was that they were on tour with Nada Surf. Ira Elliot of Nada Surf recommended that I interview Delta Spirit drummer Brandon Young. So, I did, and then I watched their set without ever having heard a note from them. They killed it.

Let me warn you about Delta Spirit. They have more soul than you can handle. They also have more drummers than you can handle. Brandon Young could be called the lead drummer, but everyone else is an accomplished…drummer.

One thing I’ve noticed about ┬áinterviewing musicians and one thing I know about being a musician is most dont like to be pegged into some category. I think it would be a disservice to call Delta Spirit an alt-country band but this will give you some frame of reference. Their latest album is Ode To Sunshine.

It’s not exactly happy go lucky music. But it is real. If you love or can relate to a tortured soul this could be the band to save yours. Think New Orleans and you’ll have some concept of the sound.
But their live delivery is more like a religious sermon delivered by a jaded pastor who doesnt believe anymore and wonders if his flock knows he’s fakin it.
The fact that the majority of the guys in the band have played drums can be seen in this great track from Ode to Sunshine.

I got the instant groove in from drummer Brandon Young before the show. He didn’t warn me about what I was in for. Buy Ode to Sunshine if you want to feel something.

Author: Ian

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