Interview:Aron Sanchez & Arone Dyer of Buke and Gass

From their homemade instruments to their screen-printed posters, Buke and Gass embody the DIY ethic. Both veteran musicians, they’ve carved out a fascinating niche with this latest project by multi-tasking to the max. While Arone weaves a tapestry of treble with her modified ukelele, jingle shoe, and brave alto, Aron shreds it apart with his jigsaw guitar-bass and jagged bass drum stabs. It is methodical madness.

Seeing them live is a treat, then. Where the recording might wear you out with its relentless rhythmic polygamy, the concert will absorb you as you watch this small band make a big, big sound with every available limb. Without that visual reference, you might dismiss them as trying too hard. But that’s not possible after you take into account the fact that they basically make all of their own gear. Nor is it possible after you see their lighthearted demeanor on stage.

Arone is bike mechanic. Aron builds instruments for Blue Man Group. These are natural born engineers. They are tinkering with rhythm, showing us how to hotrod a waltz into a rollicking 12/8, or realign a wonky melody by simply bypassing the downbeat. These aren’t ivory-tower-theory heads. This is blue-collar Genesis. It’s the sound of the Avett Brothers getting run through a Deerhoof-grinder. It might help you think of ways you can reengineer your own faltering creative efforts.

Author: Paul

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