Interview: Andrew Scott of Sloan

You know, being from Canada is a funny thing.

I grew up in Windsor, Ontario, right across the boarder from Detroit.

When I was a kid, I didn’t even know that America was a seperate country. My best friend John’s parents worked in Detroit and I remember one day when they were talking about crossing the border each day to go to work, and how the customs officials were getting tougher. I thought “What the hell? Customs? Is America a different country??? I thought The Beatles already conquered America?” I was totally confused.

So, in a vain attempt to conquer the world myself, I moved to “The States” to be a “Rock-Starr, like Ringo Starr, get it?)

This concept of conquering America is not new for aspiring musicians. But as I age, it seems more and more misguided a goal.

How about making great music? How about having an enduring career? How about doing something you believe in?

I think I was hoodwinked by the alure of KISS Alive! Damn you Gene Simmons.

But not Sloan.

Sure, they had theire big American hit song with Underwhelmed.

But then they got called “The Nirvana of The North”. An underwhelming title in itself.

I won’t pretend to know all about what they went through or what decisions they made. Or if they ever fought about “moving to The States to become Rock-Starrs” But one thing is obvious….

They decided to continue on and make great music they were proud of.

If you’re a “typical american” (that’s what they call us up in Canada) Then you may not even know who Sloan are. Urgh. Here’s a video for the un-informed.

Plus, this song has a line about living in Canada 🙂

So it is with this confused background that I sat down with Sloan drummer Andrew Scott.

Sloan are one of my favorite bands and this is one of the best drummers you may have never heard of.

My love for Power Pop songcraft is obvious and, first and foremost Sloan write great songs. Great harmonies and every guy in the band writes.

The reason I think this band is so important is a) they write great songs b) they’re super tight and super pro live. But there’s a secret weapon in Andrew Scott and here’s why;

He makes the case for the “Keith Moon Factor”

If you’re a drummer and you love Keith Moon, you know that he is the ultimate “outside the box” drummer. He doesn’t play a hi-hat. He pretty much solos all the time. Listen to I can See For Miles if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

And, if you’ve ever played in a band where the guitar player says the famous “you’re overplaying” . Then you have an ally in Andrew Scott.

He’s the only drummer I know in the straigt ahead rock genre that secretly sneaks in Keith Moon style fills at every turn.

In this interview I get him to admit it:


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