Baby Likes To Rock

Seeing the reactions people have to a guy setting up a drum kit in the street is really what this blog is all about.

I’ll start a new category with this post, because there’s one group of people who really dig on the drums. Kids. I think its safe to say that KIDS LOVE DRUMS.

Another theme here is that communication solves everything. This especially applies to kids.

The trick with communicating with children is reaching THEIR reality. And apparently, rhythm is a reality that kids will communicate to and with.

The other day while playing in Golden Gate Park, I had an interaction with a total stranger that was amazing. Today, I got the following email from her mom.

Hi Ian,

Thanks for entertaining us on Saturday! Violet was rockin’ out from around the corner and got very excited when I brought her closer to see you and listen. When I played these videos back in front of her, she started dancing again. I think it was good exercise for her because two days later she started walking. 

At 13 months old, she’s probably one of your youngest fans!


I think the video says it all. Notice that when I play a groove, she moves, and when I play a solo, she gets all messed up.

This email and video brought a tear to my eye. I hate to admit to myself sometimes how jaded I am. When you play drums in the street, you need to be willing to experience anything, good and bad.

Its these kind of interactions that make life worthwhile. Thanks to Violet and her mom.

Author: Ian

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