A Walk In The Park

So yesterday I made $24 in about 2 hours.

Finally got the cops called….Ok, he was a park ranger.

Found a sweet (or so I thought) spot at an intersection in Golden Gate Park.

Lots of double decker tour busses cheering as they drove by.

Right about the time I was physically running out of steam, up rolled the cops.

I shouldn’t even call this guy a cop. He was super nice. Like a park ranger should be. He politely walked up to me and said “You can’t accept tips”

At this time I had ¬†about 10 people gathered around, who all came to my defense. One guy said “just wait until he leaves” Sound advice.

So, now I know that Section 310 of the California Parks and Recreation Department Code of Acceptable Parking In The Park says you can play your ass off, but if anyone throws money at you, you can’t take it.

Makes me wonder about the people who actually make laws.

Governments and businesses get lots of money for lots of interesting things. Many are questionable at best.

Someone wrote a “law” that says people are not allowed to give money to something they view as worthy.

Seems to me that people who write laws should get behind a drum kit in a park and set up a sign which states their proposed law, and let the people decide if it should be passed into “law”

Power To The People!


Author: Ian

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