A Review Of Reviewing Drums And Drummer

Ok, I hate to paint myself into a corner with a generality.

For example, I don’t really like a double bass pedal. Or double bass. This is a generality. I love Slayer. I love Metallica. I love all kinds of metal. There’s lots of double bass in metal. See

A generality closes the doors on observation and experience. A generality is an easy way to set something aside and not confront it. It is the end of logic and communication.

I am guilty as the next guy of holding onto my generalities. I like what I like and I like drummers.

I’ve heard it said that the drummer is the most important part of the band. Led Zeppelin hung it up after John Bonham passed away, knowing that it would never be the same with another drummer.

THe WHo on the other hand tried to replace Keith Moon with Kenny Jones. Kenny is a great drummer for the Small Faces and Faces. But he is not Keith Moon. More importantly, The Who were not The Who without Keith Moon.

That is not to say that they didn’t still write good songs or that Pete didn’t have something to say or that they should have hung it up. It’s their life and they have the right to do whatever they feel is right for them.

So I want to simply point out that I have some basic rules for myself when writing reviews. And I have my own rules that govern the music I like and the music I listen to.

And one of the reasons I want to start reviewing records is to challenge those rules within myself.

One of my self imposed rules is that I don’t like to tear people down or criticize other people. Especially artists and musicians. If I don’t like something I probably won’t review it. This is because I believe it takes more guts to put your art out there than any thing in life, and I wouldn’t want to have someone second guess my art. I do my own art to express myself and thats reason enough. So to this degree, most of the reviews on this site will be positive. I plan on finding like minded people to write reviews, but will probably want only positive reviews because of my philosophy that art should be supported, even if it’s not my bag.

I admit, I’m jaded. I’m guilty of saying to people “the music business is dead” And I’m willing to admit that I could be totally wrong about that. I hope I am. In fact I’m sure I am wrong. I’m sure there are great bands with important things to say and creative people in the world who are trying to say something.

So this is a challenge to me and to you to seek out new music and music that is outside my and your comfort zone. If you listen to metal, but some power pop. If you like classic rock, listen to some hip hop. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone. 

I’ll try to do the same.




Author: Ian

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